Revolutionizing Imaginative Ingenuity.

novoXAIย  products transform work and creativity with XAI.

novoXAI helps users of AI-powered systems perform more effectively by improving their understanding of how those systems reason.

novoXAI improves the user experience of a product or service by helping end users trust that the AI is making good decisions.

novoXAI explains what has been done, what is being done, and what will be done next, and to unveil which information these actions are based on.

novoXAI makes it possible to confirm existing knowledge, challenge existing knowledge, and generate new assumptions.

novoXAI research provides complete analysis of possible xAI use cases, how they can be implemented and bring genuine value. novoXAI provides a clear understanding of the potentials of AI .

CSM: Credit Scoring Model

phasing out credit risk

novoXAI CSM reduces credit risk and increases pass rates while maintaining and/or reducing default risk.
FCM: Financial Crime Mitigation

detect fraud and mitigate reputational risks

novoXAI FCM integrates Sanctions Screening, PEP Matching, KYC risk scoring and AML Transaction Monitoring
SDS: Smart Data Sea

empowering fast accurate and explainable decisions

novoXAI provides banks a with real-time, end-to-end Smart Data Sea, offering high quality data from multiple reliable sources.
PP: Payment Processing

focus on strategic tasks

novXAI PP provides a scalable, compliant and innovative payment ecosystem that automates repetitive tasks and reduces errors.