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novoXAI is an AI research, development and deployment company. Our mission is to produce innovative Explainable AI (XAI) that ensures that artificial general intelligence benefits all on the planet that we all share.

novoXAI  focuses on a set of processes and methods that empowers people to comprehend and trust both the results and the output created by machine learning algorithms.

novoXAI focuses on all aspects of AI models, including expected impact sand potential pitfalls.

novoXAI enables to determine model accuracy, fairness, transparency and outcomes in decision making processes that are empowered by AI.

novoXAI  helps develop trust and confidence when putting AI models into production.

novoXAI empowers organizations to establish a responsible approach to AI development.




Realizing that cooperation between agents (algorithms and humans) depends on trust, novoXAI empowers Transparency, Interpretability, and Explainability and comprehensive trust criteria for AI.

novoXAI helps to empower humanity to maximally flourish in the universe while minimizing the risks and dangers of AI.

novoXAI renders both the methods and techniques in the application of artificial intelligence technology (AI) so that the results of the solutions can be easily  understood by human experts.

novoXAI  steers away from the  concept of the “black box” where even the programmers of the "black box" cannot explain why the AI arrived at a specific decision.

novoXAI is a pioneer in the  implementation of the social right to coherent explanation.


Our Work

Our Work

novoXAI researchs and develops and produces innovatiove and responsible generative models that align with pro-planet and pro-social values.

novoXAI products transform work and creativity with XAI.

novoXAI helps users of AI-powered systems perform more effectively by improving their understanding of how those systems reason.

novoXAI improves the user experience of a product or service by helping end users trust that the AI is making good decisions.

novoXAI explains what has been done, what is being done, and what will be done next, and to unveil which information these actions are based on.

novoXAI makes it possible to confirm existing knowledge, challenge existing knowledge, and generate new assumptions.